original paintings 1949-1955

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“War Bride” 23X12

“China Doll” 17X13 4/11/50

“Victory” 18X18.5

Girl in the Tree“ 21x15.5

    “Broken String” 16x21

“Party Line” 21x14 January 1950


   When the painting was finished, the Hughes staff discovered that the canvas was too large to pass through the secret warehouse door and Ren’s painting had to be cut in half in order to get it out of the building

Throughout his career Ren’s beautiful women appeared in all major magazines of his time, including Esquire, Redbook, Saturday Evening Post, Life, Coronet, Collier’s, and Larry Flint’s Hustler Magazine.

“Rainy Day“ 16x20 Collier’s Cover 1950


  The Outlaw was only one of the many movie posters designed by Ren Wicks. Among the studios he worked for were RKO, MGM, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount to name a few.


“Com-in for a Landing” 18X23.5 In plane magazine “SKYWAYS” Early 1950’s


Along with aviation art, Ren Wicks was a master of pin-up art. The ultimate pin-up illustration was commissioned by Howard Hughes for his movie “The Outlaw” starring Jane Russell. Mr. Hughes would send a car each night at midnight to pick Ren up from his home. Ren was blindfolded and driven to a secret location where he created the poster.