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Beach Reflections 36x48

circa 1970  (for his home)

Except for the postage stamps all the work on this site is original art work only. 

Telly Savalas 26X20.5 1969 (maybe for James Bond movie “On Her Majesties Secret Service”)

“Nancy’s Portrait” 1960 21.25X28 (Ren’s wife and model)

“Lonely Plains” 18x27 (Unknown Movie poster

“Sheriff Lloyd” 24 x 30 (Unknown Movie poster)

  The United States Postal Service commissioned Ren to design and Illustrate stamps. He began this phase of his career with the 10¢ Bi-Centennial Crossed American Flags stamp.  Ren’s William Saroyan (playwright) stamp was the first stamp of a person ever to be issued in two countries at the same time. In the United States it was worth 29¢ and in the USSR it was worth one ruble.  He also created the 29¢ stamp with the portrait of Juan Cabrillo, the man who discovered San Diego.  He followed with the 36¢ stamp of Igor Sakorsky, who invented the helicopter. Next was the 40¢ stamp of William T. Piper, known as the “Henry Ford of Avaiation."  Ren passed away before completing an Edward G. Robinson stamp, which was still lying on his drawing board waiting to be finished at the time of his death.

Ren Wicks 1939

Ren Wicks 1996