In the mid 20th-century when illustration was the dominant mode in commercial art, Ren Wicks was among a handful of artists who achieved major notoriety for their work. He produced some of the most famous and award-winning aviation art in the world. Along with aviation art, Ren Wicks was equally famous for his pinup art and movie posters, advertising, stamp design, and illustration.  

  This website contains only original art from every aspect of Ren’s extensive career. In original paintings you will find examples of magazine cover and illustration art. In advertising are his original illustrations used for advertising. In hustler magazine are paintings commissioned personally by Larry Flint for his magazine as well as to be hung in his casinos. mars for NASA is exactly as it says and in final page are those works that do not fit into a category. The artwork on this site is all that remains from Ren Wicks’ private collection.  All paintings are done in tempura and gauche on illustration board.